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Title Reviewer Rating Date
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 04/12/2011

Title Reviewer Rating Date
Outland Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 07/19/2011
NASCAR 2011: The Game Ryan Chapman Recommended 04/19/2011
You Don't Know Jack Ryan Chapman Recommended 02/14/2011
Echochrome II Clark Evans Recommended 12/28/2010
Gran Turismo 5 Ryan Chapman Recommended 12/04/2010
Dead Nation Ryan Chapman Recommended 12/02/2010
Call of Duty: Black Ops Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 11/19/2010
Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 10/13/2010
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 10/08/2010
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 09/27/2010
F1 2010 Ryan Chapman Recommended 09/27/2010
R.U.S.E. The Art of Deception Ryan Chapman Recommended 09/12/2010
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Ryan Chapman Recommended 08/23/2010
Blur Ryan Chapman Recommended 08/12/2010
ModNation Racers Clark Evans Recommended 06/04/2010
NCAA Basketball 10 Ryan Chapman Recommended 05/17/2010
Skate 3 Ryan Chapman Recommended 05/16/2010
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Ryan Chapman Recommended 05/08/2010
Heavy Weapon Wallace Chu Recommended 07/26/2009
Bomberman Ultra Wallace Chu Recommended 07/10/2009
Guitar Hero Metallica Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 06/12/2009
Tom Clancy's EndWar Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 01/16/2009
Midnight Club Los Angeles Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/22/2008
Saints Row 2 Mike Zupan Recommended 11/21/2008
Armored Core: For Answer Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 10/12/2008
NBA Live 08 Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 11/07/2007
NHL 08 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 10/15/2007
MLB '07 The Show Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 06/21/2007
F.E.A.R. Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 06/05/2007
Def Jam Icon Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 05/15/2007
The Godfather: The Don's Edition Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 05/03/2007
Call of Duty 3 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 01/09/2007
NBA '07 Dan Bradley Recommended 12/28/2006
Tony Hawk's Project 8 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 12/26/2006
Fight Night Round 3 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 12/24/2006
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 11/22/2006

Title Reviewer Rating Date
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 08/23/2011
Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts Clark Evans Recommended 06/04/2011
L.A. Noire Nick Hartel Recommended 05/30/2011
MX vs ATV: Alive Francis Rizzo III Recommended 05/22/2011
Fable III Traitor's Keep Clark Evans Recommended 03/06/2011
Dance Paradise Clark Evans Recommended 02/24/2011
Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money Clark Evans Recommended 01/09/2011
Fable 3 Thomas Spurlin Recommended 11/09/2010
Toy Story 3 Clark Evans Recommended 11/05/2010
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 Ryan Chapman Recommended 09/08/2010
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Mike Flacy Recommended 05/01/2010
Magna Carta 2 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 10/26/2009
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Francis Rizzo III Recommended 10/16/2009
H.A.W.X. Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 03/19/2009
Tom Clancy's EndWar Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 01/17/2009
Midnight Club Los Angeles Paul Battani Recommended 12/21/2008
Namco Museum Virtual Arcade Francis Rizzo III Recommended 11/30/2008
Unreal Tournament 3 Paul Battani Recommended 10/20/2008
Civilization: Revolution Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 09/08/2008
NCAA Football 09 Aaron Beierle Recommended 09/07/2008
Kung Fu Panda Mike Flacy Recommended 06/22/2008
Dark Sector Paul Battani Recommended 05/12/2008
FIFA 08 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 12/31/2007
Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action Paul Battani Recommended 11/26/2007
Tomb Raider Anniversary Mike Flacy Recommended 11/07/2007
Beautiful Katamari Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/06/2007
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 11/01/2007
NBA Live 08 Aaron Beierle Recommended 10/18/2007
DiRT Mike Flacy Recommended 09/29/2007
Shadowrun Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/01/2007
UEFA Championships League 2006-2007 John Sinnott Recommended 04/28/2007
Battlestations Midway Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 03/07/2007
Lost Planet Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 01/23/2007
Call of Duty 3 Nicholas W. Irwin Recommended 01/02/2007
Tony Hawk's Project 8 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 12/08/2006
Splinter Cell: Double Agent Mike Flacy Recommended 11/27/2006
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Mike Flacy Recommended 11/25/2006
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 11/14/2006
Godfather The Game Mike Flacy Recommended 09/27/2006
Open Season Mike Flacy Recommended 09/25/2006
Xbox Live Vision Camera Mike Flacy Recommended 08/22/2006
The Lord of the Rings The Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 07/27/2006
2006 FIFA World Cup Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 06/13/2006
Far Cry Instincts Predator Mike Flacy Recommended 06/05/2006
Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis Mike Flacy Recommended 06/02/2006
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 05/03/2006
Fight Night: Round 3 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 03/01/2006
NHL 2K6 Mike Flacy Recommended 02/06/2006
Need for Speed: Most Wanted Mike Flacy Recommended 01/14/2006
Quake 4 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 01/12/2006
Quake 4 Ryan Pederson Recommended 12/08/2005
Kameo: Elements of Power Adam Tyner Recommended 12/02/2005

Title Reviewer Rating Date
Full House Poker Ryan Chapman Recommended 03/16/2011
Dead Rising 2: Case West Ryan Chapman Recommended 01/09/2011
ilomilo Ryan Chapman Recommended 01/06/2011
X-Men Arcade Clark Evans Recommended 01/03/2011
DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Clark Evans Recommended 10/06/2010
Space Invaders Infinity Gene Clark Evans Recommended 09/20/2010
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Ryan Chapman Recommended 09/03/2010
DeathSpank Clark Evans Recommended 08/24/2010
Monday Night Combat Clark Evans Recommended 08/17/2010
Madballs in...Babo:Invasion Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 08/09/2009
'Splosion Man Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/28/2009
Wallace & Gromit Episode 1: Fright of the Bumblebees Nick Hartel Recommended 06/16/2009
Braid Mike Flacy Recommended 08/14/2008
1942: Joint Strike Mike Zupan Recommended 08/01/2008
Roogoo Mike Flacy Recommended 07/30/2008
Commando 3: Wolf of the Battlefield Mike Zupan Recommended 07/23/2008
Assault Heroes 2 Paul Battani Recommended 06/19/2008
Commander: Attack of the Genos Mike Flacy Recommended 03/11/2008
Tetris Splash Mike Flacy Recommended 10/03/2007
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Mike Flacy Recommended 10/23/2006
Doom Nicholas W. Irwin Recommended 10/02/2006
Scramble Mike Flacy Recommended 09/13/2006
Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 08/03/2006
Frogger Mike Flacy Recommended 07/13/2006
Jewel Quest Mike Flacy Recommended 03/29/2006
Outpost Kaloki X John Sinnott Recommended 03/25/2006
Marble Blast Ultra Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 02/22/2006
Gauntlet Mike Flacy Recommended 02/19/2006
Crystal Quest Mike Flacy Recommended 02/08/2006
Wik: Fable of Souls Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 01/27/2006
Hexic HD Mike Flacy Recommended 01/26/2006

Title Reviewer Rating Date
Disney Epic Mickey Clark Evans Recommended 12/10/2010
Snakebyte Premium Remote XL+ Francis Rizzo III Recommended 11/07/2010
Guilty Party Clark Evans Recommended 09/07/2010
Ivy The Kiwi? Clark Evans Recommended 08/30/2010
Trauma Team Clark Evans Recommended 05/21/2010
Grand Slam Tennis Francis Rizzo III Recommended 07/09/2009
We Cheer Francis Rizzo III Recommended 06/30/2009
The Munchables Francis Rizzo III Recommended 06/13/2009
We Ski and Snowboard Francis Rizzo III Recommended 03/30/2009
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 01/25/2009
Safecracker Francis Rizzo III Recommended 12/21/2008
Sam & Max Season One Francis Rizzo III Recommended 11/10/2008
Active Life Outdoor Challenge Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 10/14/2008
Mario Super Sluggers Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 09/12/2008
Helix Francis Rizzo III Recommended 09/07/2008
We Ski Francis Rizzo III Recommended 05/18/2008
Battalion Wars 2 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 03/12/2008
Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 3 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 02/18/2008
Geometry Wars Galaxies Peter Skerritt Recommended 01/04/2008
Wii Zapper Francis Rizzo III Recommended 11/23/2007
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 John Sinnott Recommended 09/24/2007
Scarface Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 09/11/2007
Mario Party 8 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 07/29/2007
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Mike Flacy Recommended 06/08/2007
Call Of Duty 3 John Sinnott Recommended 04/03/2007
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Thomas Spurlin Recommended 04/02/2007
Excite Truck Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 03/20/2007
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Adam Tyner Recommended 03/08/2007
Metal Slug Anthology Jim May Recommended 01/09/2007
Rayman Raving Rabbids Jim May Recommended 01/04/2007

Title Reviewer Rating Date
The Heist Mike Flacy Recommended 06/04/2011
Slice HD Mike Flacy Recommended 04/03/2011
Double Dragon Mike Flacy Recommended 03/16/2011
League of Evil Mike Flacy Recommended 02/03/2011
Rage HD Mike Flacy Recommended 12/05/2010
Angry Birds Halloween Mike Flacy Recommended 10/28/2010
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Ryan Chapman Recommended 10/15/2010
Monsters Love Gum Mike Flacy Recommended 10/12/2010
More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima Mike Flacy Recommended 09/30/2010
The Hero HD Mike Flacy Recommended 09/20/2010
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD Mike Flacy Recommended 09/14/2010
NHL 2K11 Mike Flacy Recommended 08/26/2010
Madden NFL 11 HD Mike Flacy Recommended 08/24/2010

Title Reviewer Rating Date
Pokémon Black Clark Evans Recommended 03/09/2011
Plants vs. Zombies Mike Flacy Recommended 01/21/2011
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer Thomas Spurlin Recommended 10/26/2009
Scribblenauts Wallace Chu Recommended 09/27/2009
Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles Paul Battani Recommended 03/07/2008
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Mike Flacy Recommended 02/20/2008
Master of Illusion Paul Battani Recommended 01/07/2008
Geometry Wars Galaxies Peter Skerritt Recommended 01/04/2008
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Peter Skerritt Recommended 11/13/2007
Megaman ZX Advent Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/12/2007
Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day Peter Skerritt Recommended 11/06/2007
Bleach: The Blade of Fate Mike Flacy Recommended 11/03/2007
Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Mike Flacy Recommended 10/14/2007
DK Jungle Climber Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 10/10/2007
Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol Mike Flacy Recommended 10/05/2007
Jam Sessions Mike Flacy Recommended 09/30/2007
Madden NFL 08 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 09/27/2007
Glory Days 2 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 09/21/2007
Touchmaster Mike Flacy Recommended 08/11/2007
Nervous Brickdown John Sinnott Recommended 08/07/2007
Picross DS Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 08/04/2007
Phoenix Wright 2 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/17/2007
Tomb Raider: Legend Nicholas W. Irwin Recommended 01/09/2007
Break 'Em All John Sinnott Recommended 08/26/2006

Title Reviewer Rating Date
Angry Birds Mike Flacy Recommended 01/14/2011
Ace Combat: Joint Assault Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 09/10/2010
Ys Seven Ryan Chapman Recommended 08/31/2010
Prinny: Can I Really Be a Hero? Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 04/08/2009
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/04/2008
Secret Agent Clank Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 06/26/2008
Downstream Panic! Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 02/09/2008
Fifa 08 Paul Battani Recommended 11/16/2007
NBA Live 08 Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 10/25/2007
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 10/04/2007
Final Fantasy I: Anniversary Edition Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 09/08/2007
Smash Court Tennis 3 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 08/30/2007
PQ Practical Intelligence Quotient 2 Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 08/12/2007
Test Drive Unlimited Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 05/13/2007
Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 04/21/2007
Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 04/10/2007
UEFA Championships League 2006-2007 Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 04/04/2007
Chili Con Carngage Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 03/26/2007
Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 01/22/2007
Killzone: Liberation Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 12/04/2006
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 11/12/2006
Mercury Meltdown Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 10/22/2006
The Godfather: Mob Wars Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 10/02/2006
Miami Vice: The Game Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 09/18/2006
Bomberman Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 09/17/2006
World Tour Soccer 06 Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 08/11/2006
World Tour Soccer 06 (demo version) Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 08/10/2006
MLB 06: The Show Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 06/23/2006
Gradius Collection Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 06/21/2006
Me & My Katamari Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 04/16/2006
Metal Gear Acid 2 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 03/31/2006
Fight Night: Round 3 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 03/09/2006
PopoloCrois Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 01/07/2006
Kingdom of Paradise Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 12/11/2005
The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 12/03/2005
Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Value Pack Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 05/05/2005

Title Reviewer Rating Date
Dragon Age II Mike Flacy Recommended 03/12/2011
Mafia II Mike Flacy Recommended 08/27/2010
Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Mike Flacy Recommended 11/12/2007
Medal of Honor Airborne Mike Flacy Recommended 10/27/2007
Halo 2 Mike Flacy Recommended 07/15/2007
Rise Of Nations: Rise of Legends Nicholas W. Irwin Recommended 09/19/2006
Buccaneer's Bounty Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 08/23/2006
Space Rangers 2: The Rise of the Dominators Mike Flacy Recommended 07/18/2006
Neighbors From Hell: On Vacation Mike Flacy Recommended 05/03/2006
Myst V: End of Ages Mike Flacy Recommended 01/18/2006
Microsoft Age of Empires 3 Mike Flacy Recommended 01/12/2006
Dungeon Siege 2 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 12/21/2005
The Movies Adam Tyner Recommended 12/21/2005
Earth 2160 John Sinnott Recommended 12/19/2005
Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich Mike Flacy Recommended 11/20/2005
Codename: Panzers Phase 2 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 10/19/2005
Knights of Honor Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 04/26/2005
Doom 3 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 09/15/2004

Title Reviewer Rating Date
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4 Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 12/28/2006
NHL 07 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 10/22/2006
Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Mike Flacy Recommended 10/03/2006
Sniper Elite Aaron Beierle Recommended 04/07/2006
Rugby 06 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 03/19/2006
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (Collector's Edition) Aaron Beierle Recommended 02/23/2006
Karaoke Revolution Party Aaron Beierle Recommended 02/18/2006
MVP 06: NCAA Baseball Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 02/12/2006
GUN Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 01/27/2006
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch... Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 01/09/2006
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 12/12/2005
The Matrix: Path of Neo John Sinnott Recommended 12/11/2005
DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/28/2005
SSX On Tour Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 11/22/2005
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Matthew Ratzloff Recommended 11/09/2005
Ultimate Spider-Man Adam Tyner Recommended 10/22/2005
NHL 2006 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 10/14/2005
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 09/09/2005
Madden NFL 2006 Aaron Beierle Recommended 08/21/2005
Still Life Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/06/2005
Madagascar Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 06/20/2005
Scrapland Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 04/22/2005
Doom 3 Aaron Beierle Recommended 04/18/2005
OutRun2 Matthew Ratzloff Recommended 12/05/2004
Shark Tale Christopher Tribbey Recommended 11/27/2004
Tony Hawk UnderGround 2 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 11/14/2004
X-Men Legends Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 10/29/2004
Sudeki Matthew Ratzloff Recommended 08/29/2004
Spider-Man 2: The Movie Adam Tyner Recommended 08/03/2004
Links 2004 Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 04/30/2004
Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 02/07/2004
NBA Inside Drive 2004 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 01/05/2004
Xbox Music Mixer Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 01/02/2004
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Aaron Beierle Recommended 12/05/2003
True Crime: Streets of LA Aaron Beierle Recommended 11/27/2003
Freedom Fighters Aaron Beierle Recommended 10/29/2003
Simpsons: Hit and Run Aaron Beierle Recommended 09/26/2003
Brute Force Adam Tyner Recommended 08/16/2003
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Adam Tyner Recommended 07/19/2003
Kung Fu Chaos Adam Tyner Recommended 04/04/2003
Mech Assault Aaron Beierle Recommended 01/13/2003
Whacked Aaron Beierle Recommended 12/28/2002
Aggressive Inline Aaron Beierle Recommended 11/09/2002
NFL Fever 2003 Aaron Beierle Recommended 11/07/2002
Timesplitters 2 Aaron Beierle Recommended 11/07/2002

Title Reviewer Rating Date
Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 04/11/2008
Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 01/02/2008
Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 12/10/2007
NBA Live 08 Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 11/07/2007
Soul Nomad and The World Eaters Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 10/20/2007
NHL 08 Jeff Paramchuk Recommended 10/16/2007
Grim Grimoire Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 08/07/2007
Hitman Trilogy Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/29/2007
Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/15/2007
Tomb Raider Anniversary Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/13/2007
MVP 07 NCAA Baseball Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/06/2007
SingStar POP Bundle Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 06/05/2007
Test Drive Unlimited Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 05/17/2007
Sega Genesis Collection Daniel Hirshleifer Recommended 12/04/2006
Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/27/2006
Tales of the Abyss Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/12/2006
Mortal Kombat Armageddon Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 10/23/2006
Metal Saga Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 10/17/2006
World Championship Poker: All In Jim May Recommended 10/02/2006
One Piece Grand Adventure Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 09/20/2006
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 08/09/2006
CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution Country Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/09/2006
Atelier Iris: The Azoth of Destiny Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 05/28/2006
Suikoden V Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 04/10/2006
Ice Age 2 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 03/27/2006
Disney's Chicken Little Matthew Ratzloff Recommended 03/26/2006
Black Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 03/13/2006
World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 International Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 02/27/2006
Suikoden Tactics Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 02/01/2006
Wild Arms Alter Code: F John Sinnott Recommended 01/25/2006
Soul Calibur 3 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 01/20/2006
NBA Live 2006 Scott Hoffman Recommended 01/02/2006
Castlevania Curse of Darkness Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 01/02/2006
The Matrix: Path of Neo Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 01/02/2006
FIFA Soccer 2006 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/30/2005
NCAA March Madness 06 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/27/2005
SSX On Tour Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/21/2005
Blitz: The League Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/16/2005
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 11/14/2005
Total Overdose: A Gunslingers Tale in Mexico Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 10/25/2005
Graffiti Kingdom Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 08/12/2005
In the Groove Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 07/15/2005
Madagascar Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 06/21/2005
Cold Winter Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 06/06/2005
Area 51 Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 06/02/2005
ENTHUSIA Professional Racing Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 05/23/2005
Samurai Western Matthew Ratzloff Recommended 05/08/2005
World Tour Soccer 2006 Chris Laws Recommended 05/01/2005
Stella Deus Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 04/26/2005
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga Matthew Ratzloff Recommended 04/15/2005
Spongebob Squarepants The Movie Todd Douglass Jr. Recommended 12/31/2004
Pitfall - The Lost Expedition Scott Hoffman Recommended 04/13/2004
Dark Cloud 2 Scott Hoffman Recommended 04/23/2003
Red Faction II Aaron Beierle Recommended 12/28/2002
007: Nightfire Aaron Beierle Recommended 12/03/2002
Robotech: Battlecry Geoffrey Kleinman Recommended 11/12/2002
Timesplitters 2 Aaron Beierle Recommended 11/08/2002
Smuggler's Run Aaron Beierle Recommended 11/07/2002
Hot Shots Golf 3 Aaron Beierle Recommended 11/07/2002

Title Reviewer Rating Date
Shrek 2 (Game Boy Advance Video) Matthew Ratzloff Recommended 03/18/2006
Shrek (Game Boy Advance Video) Matthew Ratzloff Recommended 03/18/2006
Teen Titans John Sinnott Recommended 12/05/2005
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Jeffrey Robinson Recommended 01/02/2004