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Fable III Traitor's Keep

When Fable III was released last year, it was widely praised for it's ability to weave another tale within Albion.  Lionhead's crew is excellent at involving the player in the plight of the land's characters and I had a feeling that their DLC content would be similar.  In Fable III Traitor's Keep, the events of Fable III have passed and you are ruler of Albion.  To kick off the narrative, an assassin have been sent to kill you and this leads you to discover the existence of Ravenscar Keep, a prison that Logan used to capture and detain all of Albion's criminals.  After visiting the Keep, the Hero discovers that the most dangerous criminals have escaped, thus starting a quest to return them to the Keep.  Interestingly, the story also brings up the discussion of monarchy versus democracy several times, quite topical given what's going on in Egypt and other countries. 

traitor's keep guard
The journey takes you to several new regions, all with their own set of enemies to fight.  Enemies are difficult to conquest most of the time, ideal for a powerful hero.  My favorite enemy to spar with was Professor Farraday's robots on Clockwork Island, probably some of the more original characters in the game.  The game is split into visiting a few of these unique regions and ultimately leading up into the final boss battle.  Morality also pops into the picture again, fortunately a bit more prominent than Fable III.  You will have faced with decisions that can effect the outcome of the DLC pack, but only pure good or pure evil.  It seems like Bioware are the only people that can effectively straddle the line and stay within the gray area.  


Beyond the main quests, you can also hunt around for hobs and do collection quests for side missions.   There are also weapons and new outfits to discover as well as a skin for your dog. The side missions aren't as entertaining as the main action packed missions, but are decent for a distraction.  This DLC pack also expands out the total achievements and gamerscore points by 10 and 250 points respectively.  The bulk of the tasks are dedicated to finishing the story, but the bulk of the points come from diary collection tasks and unlocking the demon doors.  It's a standard set to accomplish, but they do have some creative and funny names like "Keeping It Real" and "I, Robot, You, Idiot". 
traitor's keep prison

You won't find any massive changes to Fable III's visual engine, just some new landscapes to navigate.  Just like the original game, the texture work is complex and expansive.  The dark, dank design of the Keep is intentionally depressing and definitely sets the mood.  I experienced the same amount of walking lag that Thomas found in his review of the game.   I did, however, experience occasional "graphical insanity" with textures flashing endlessly and characters getting stuck in walls due to clipping problems.  

It also sounds just like Albion did in Fable III.  The voice work for the new characters is just as fantastic as the original and really sells the narrative, especially the humor.   The sound effects and music are carried over from Fable III, but work perfectly for the adventure theme.  

You are looking at about 3 to 4 hours of playtime with this add-on pack, not terribly overpriced for 560 marketplace points ($7).  The main draw is obviously the expanded storyline, ideal for Fable III junkies that want to stay engrossed in the narrative.  The story is entertaining, hilariously so, and allows you to visit some very intriguing places that offer more insight into previously mentioned characters.  The difficulty is also challenging and ideally recommended for players that have already completed the game.  If you are a Fable III fanatic, then picking up this content pack is probably right up your alley.