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Angry Birds

The juggernaut that is the Angry Birds series has seen massive popularity on the iOS and Android platforms. Itís been spoofed countless times on the Web, has its own line of plush angry birds stuffed animals to decorate your geek chic bedroom and even comes out with seasonal versions of the game like Angry Birds Halloween. It was clearly inevitable that the game would be making its way onto consoles and it has this week in the Playstation Minis, playable on your PSP or Playstation 3 for $3.99. The presentation of any overall narrative in Angry Birds is fairly non-existent in all versions of the game. The loose story around the casual game is that the birds want the eggs that pigs stole from them and are willing to fire themselves into the hideouts of the pigs to get them back.

The concept of the game is equally as simple. You control the arc and speed at which the birds are fired into the hideouts via a giant slingshot. Much of the game is trial and error to get a feel for how far and how fast the birds fly through the air. While the smartphone version of the game uses touchscreens to accomplish this, the Playstation Mini version uses the analog stick to adjust the angle / speed. Once you have a desired position, you can either flick the stick in that direction to fire the birds to tap the X button to accomplish the same thing. You can also preview the landscape by using the triggers, a necessity in the latter levels when requiring strategy to destroy the entire hideout.

angry birds glass barrels

One of the great things about Angry Birds is that there are multiple solutions to solve each level. You may luck out and destroy the entire castle with a single bird or you may have to use up all the birds to even make a dent in the joint. There are birds that do other actions during the game like drop bombs, fly faster or even explode. You also have to consider the type of material that you are shooting a bird into. Firing a bird into piece of glass will likely have a more powerful effect that trying to knock over cement. You really want to try and perfect each level as you are rated by three stars on each level and awarded bonuses for nailing everything exactly right.

This is the type of game that you can pick up for 10 minutes, play a few levels and come back to again the next day. Levels typically donít take more than 30 to 45 seconds to play through. There are 200 levels to work through, the final levels taking a bit longer to master. Thereís no multiplayer included in the game and surprisingly no way to compare stats between friends. Also, there are no trophies included in the game because this is a Playstation Mini.

angry birds fire green pigs


Visually, the game is definitely colorful and will light up the screen with brightly colored birds and silly green pigs. The artwork is designed to offer a playful atheistic and works well with the concept of the presentation. The very important physics engine is also intact making for a seamless transition for those who have played the game already. Unfortunately, there are stuttering issues that come into play often during the game. They donít affect how the game works, but rather are seen during object collision. Itís definitely annoying and detracts from the experience.


Thereís not much going on with the audio beyond the repetitive music and the sound effects of the birds or falling objects. All the sounds are identical to the other versions of the game on other platforms.


One of the biggest problems with the game is the premium price, approximately 4 times the price of the current iPhone app. However, it is slightly cheaper than the iPad version of the game, so thatís somewhat more attractive for iPad only owners out there. But if you ddd in the graphical issues and the lack of any online functionality to expand the competitive nature of the gameplay to get a version of Angry Birds thatís probably not worth downloading if you have access to it on any other platform. However, if you donít own a smartphone or iPod Touch, itís worth checking out to see what all the fuss is about. The 200 or so levels will eat up a solid chunk of your gaming time and is very addictive to the casual gamer.

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