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There are tons of trivia apps on Appleís app store, mostly for the iPhone / iPod Touch platforms. Yet, thereís not a ton of original thinking that goes into designing these apps. Enter MovieCat!, a movie trivia game that was probably inspired from those movie-based bunny shorts that Starz produced for a short time. MovieCat! takes all of your favorite movies and reskinís their most famous scenes, posters, etc. with all the actors replaced with fat cats. They tie these scenes into the trivia questions and require identifying the movies based on the cat-styled design. Itís a unique presentation that really stresses a love of cats.

The main trivia game is broken into five rounds of play, each with five trivia questions to answer. The trivia questions each have a different style as well. You may be identifying clothing made famous from movies, answering questions about the titles of movie sequels, figuring out the title of a movie from DVD chapter titles or figuring out the missing actor from two movie posters. You answer questions for a multiple choice list of about eight selections. If you get a question wrong, you use up one of your nine cat lives and have to venture another guess. Using up all of your lives forces you to start completely over and the harder difficulties use up more lives for each incorrect answer. There is a replacement function on the game board screen that allows you to replace the entire row of questions if you donít like the ones provided. You may be better at matching up actors than identifying movie posters.

The game jumps around in genre as well. You need to have knowledge on just as many chick flicks as you do major action blockbusters. Sometimes you have to figure out the name of a movie from a conversation from the movie. Thereís really a phenomenal variety to the game that keeps it fresh. Each game doesnít take long to complete, likely quick enough to finish during a subway ride. If you complete all 25 questions correctly, you will have the chance to unlock a cat-themes movie scene. There are 10 scenes to unlock in the opening trivia pack with more in the downloadable content. Within the menu, you can view your unlocked scenes and email them to a friend as well.

Beyond the main trivia game, thereís plenty of help to walk you through the basics of the game. There are also online leaderboards if you want to submit your high score on the three different difficulty levels. You can also connect with Facebook to post your score on your FB page. Unfortunately, thereís no online play option, something thatís perfect to include with trivia games. Perhaps the developer will include it in a future update.


  • The menu system is pretty utilitarian, likely because the developer was trying to pack in as much space as possible for question answers. The artwork on the movie scenes and clothing pictures is all original though as well as adapted to the fat cat shape. They really did a good job of recreating movie posters as well. The art style is light and playful, but like its feline inspired roots. One caveat to is that the title hasnít been optimized for the Retina screen and appears slightly fuzzy.


  • The app is pretty quiet. There are some tunes that play during the rounds and the timer sound effects keep you alerted of the time ticking off the clock. There are also cat-like sounds when you go well, meows for instance. They are enough to make you chuckle a couple times.


This is a fairly comprehensive movie trivia app and has plenty of panache thanks to the cat-infused theme. I played for a good four hours and never ran into any overlap in the trivia questions. Thereís also an in-game store to purchase more movie trivia questions and hopefully more cat-styled movie scenes to unlock. (The first question pack is priced at 99 cents and includes 5 more cat scenes.) If you are a movie buff, you are going to have a ball with MovieCat! Check it out on the App Store as MovieCat! is well work the $2.99 entry fee to start playing.

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