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Nyko Dual Charger AC

Twice the charging for twice the fun.
Now, normally, I'm not a big fan of Nyko products. Sure, they're better than Mad Catz, but their track record has been spotty at best. I'll never forget the time I bought their two-battery 360 charger, only to find out one entire side of the charger wouldn't work. Hilarious.

But, in this case, the Nyko Dual Charger AC for PS3 controllers isn't a bad deal. The design is simplicity itself. A fold-out plug that attaches to a socket, which in turn has two USB ports at the bottom. Plug in a device that uses a USB cable to charge, and you're done. To make things even easier, Nyko provides two USB cables. Seeing as how there's little to obstruct the direct electrical current, it's hard for this one to be a bust unless it's broken out of the box.

The plug itself is a little bulky, so you'll need to make sure you have room on your socket or surge protector for it. But since it can charge any USB device, not just PS3 controllers, you could designate a spot for it and even keep the USB cables plugged into it for ease of use. I tried out the review item with my Sixaxis controller and it worked just fine, providing a charge that worked just as well and as quickly as plugging it directly into the Playstation 3. Of course, the big advantage is that you don't need to leave your system on to charge the controllers.

As I said, I'm not overly fond of Nyko, but their Dual Charger seems to be a real winner. And for $20, this should satisfy the needs of anyone who needs to charge USB devices. Recommended.